Welcome to RIKFIT Garage

RIKFIT GARAGE is located on pershore road stirchley where we have ample off road parking. We are an M.O.T test centre and car servicing specialists and are committed to the highest level of customer service and trust.

We provide a wide range of services in all aspects of car servicing M.O.T testing and general repairs. A friendly , honest and efficient service  with prices that represent excellent value for money. Is our goal at RIKFIT GARAGE


A regular engine service is paramount to extending the life of your vehicle. If defects are spotted in time then the cost to rectify the problems are considerably less. Routine regular car servicing is a small investment that will in time give a good return.

This will be seen in greater fuel economy and an increase of product life. The tyres will last longer, greater braking efficiency and reduced off road time because of break downs.

M.O.T Testing

All cars three years old and over are required by law to have a valid M.O.T test certificate. The standards and requirements of the M.O.T  test are laid down by V.O.S.A the vehicle inspectorate. An M.O.T test can be carried out on a vehicle up to 28 days prior to its current expiry date. Upon passing the M.O.T test your vehicle will receive a M.O.T pass certificate.

The M.O.T test is an annual test of your vehicle to ensure it meets the road safety standards set by the vehicle inspectorate. The test is carried out by an approved tester together with an assistant.

NOTE: Only the items that require testing on an M.O.T test are valid, an M.O.T pass certificate is not a guarantee to the general mechanical condition of your vehicle. (MOT Test Fees)


A cambelt should be replaced at manufacturers recommended intervals if a cambelt is not replaced and breaks then more often than not extensive and expensive engine damage follows. For advice and help on this please call in and see us. Replacement of cambelts can be a complex job requiring specialist knowledge and technical information.

M.O.T and Service Offer

If you book for a full service and M.O.T test at the same time you will receive a 10% discount on your service invoice.

Free Checks

Book your car in for a free tyre tread depth check - Visual Brake Check – Steering Check – Suspension Check – Fluid Level Check.

Free Collection and Delivery

If required we can collect and deliver your vehicle within the local area by prior arrangement.

Other services include: Tyres - Exhausts  - Shock Absorbers – Diagnostic Service – Welding – Batteries – Clutches – Four Wheel Laser Tracking and Catalytic Converters.

Opening Times

1514 Pershore Road
B30 2NW

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Tel: 0121-459-4575
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